Top 10 Wedding Sunsets

One of our favorite times to take wedding pictures is right as the sun is setting. Photographers are able to capture all of the colors in the sky in addition to the love between the happy couple. Below, we have compiled the top 10 wedding sunsets that highlight how unforgettable a wedding can be when photographed right.



1) What better way to capture the love of two people then to catch them in an embrace. These two picked a location right on the water, perfect to combo with taking pictures at sunset. Her bouquet even portrays the same colors found in the water and the sky.



2) A bouquet of colorful flowers is an important asset to any sunset photo. The sunflowers really brighten up this rustic building setting, while still keep your eyes drifting to the beautiful couple.



3) This photo really showcases this man’s love for his to-be bride. With the sunset glare right over the background, it brings the perfect amount of light popping through the trees to make this photo classic.



4) This photo is the perfect harmonization of bright colors and muted, beach tones. The sunset is just barely poking through, and yet, brings the perfect silhouette to the bride and groom.



5) A scene of the happy couple walking away together right before the sun has set is a great time to show how flawlessly this bride’s dress blends with the snow.



6) This photo is an impeccable shot of catching the light right between the couple and bringing all attention to them against the snowy, blue background.



7) This photo is a great example of a simple, but elegant, sunset photo. With the light peeking in from the side, the couple look breathtaking in this garden area.



8) This indoor wedding chose the perfect moment to head outside for a quick few pictures, catching the sunset right on the bay.



9) This contemporary photo of the wedding party has the perfect pop of yellow, from the sunset in the back and the flowers to really make the dark dress color scheme look classic.



10) This picture encaptures the entail wedding party, without taking eyes of the couple in this flawless sunset photo.


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