2017 Wedding Food Trends

Everyone is trying to do as many things as possible to make their wedding unique and stand out from everyone else’s. One thing many people talk about during/after the wedding is how the food is/was, so why not make sure they are talking about how great and different it is! These 2017 food trends will allow your food to stand out and will have everyone buzzing about how great it is!


Mashed Potato Bar

No one can turn down mashed potatoes, so why not let everyone choose exactly how they would like them! With different styles of potatoes and every topping you could imagine your guests will go absolutely crazy for this!

Mimosa Bar

No matter what time of day your wedding is you could never go wrong with a mimosa bar. Champagne goes great with all different kinds of juices so why not let your guest pick their favorite juice and how much they want in there! It is also great because the guests don’t have to stand in line and wait for the bartender.

Food Trucks

This unique take on dinner will have everyone talking! The great thing about food trucks is that there are so many different kinds everyone can find something they like for dinner. They also make food trucks that serve alcohol so you can get the best of both worlds with this one!

Cupcake Tower

The cupcake tower is becoming a popular alternative to a traditional  cake. It is easier to handle, and you can also get more flavors of cake so that each guest can enjoy what they like best!

Signature Cocktails

Having a cocktail that the bride and the groom came up with for each of them is a great idea! They get to have their favorite drinks all night long and name them after themselves and all the guests can enjoy as well!


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