2017 Wedding Suit Trends

What the groom is wearing is just as important as the brides dress. With these suit trends the groom can find the perfect suit for him and what he feels most comfortable in as well as what looks best on him and his groomsmen!

Navy Suits

A navy suit is a great way for the groom to go! It allows him to stand out from the crowd and not wear a typical black suit, but still look clean and put together. The navy suit can also be matched with many other colors so it could go with mostly any color scheme that you pick for your big day!

Slim Fit Suits

The Slim Fit style is currently an in style look for all men to rock, even on the big day! This look is great for all grooms and groomsmen on the big day! With the slim fit style you can get the suit in any color whether you want a classic black look or a colored suit to fit your color scheme. 

Grey Suit

This look will allow the groom to stray from the typical black suit, but still have a classic look that will match everything. The grey is great for any time of year cause you could go from light grey to dark grey, so it could be perfect for any season, and they also match with any color scheme!

Linen Suit

Linen Suits are the perfect suit for a nice summer wedding and/or beach wedding! They can be a lot more comfortable than a regular suit, so it allows the groom and groomsmen to have full comfort for the entire day. Most linen suite come in a tan/nude color which will go with any theme, but could also come in other colors that you may think will fit in with your theme better!

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