The Best Wedding Flowers For a Summer Wedding

Picking the perfect flower for a summer wedding can be hard because you need to right colors to make it pop as well as making sure that the flowers will hold and not wilt in the heat of a summer day! To make it a little easier we have picked out our favorite flowers for a summer wedding that will make any floral arrangement look perfect and will stand out at any summer wedding!


These gorgeous flowers are perfect for any floral arrangement. They are bold and beautiful and come in many different colors to make any arrangement unique and stand out from so many others.



Even though this is not a flower, this beautiful seashell bouquet is still a great fit for a summer wedding on the beach! It is so unique that every bride will wish they thought of this idea sooner and be envious of your beautiful and unique bouquet.


These are the perfect flowers to stand out at your wedding and bring all of the decorations together! Sunflowers are such a beautiful flower and are great for a more rustic themed wedding and will bring the entire look together. 

Standard Mums

These beautiful flowers are perfect or a summer wedding because of all the different colors that they come in. They can make any floral arrangement come to life and make the look complete.

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