The Best Wedding Flowers for a Fall Wedding

Picking the flowers you want in your floral arrangements is not always the easiest thing to do, so we picked our favorite flowers for a fall wedding to try and help! These are all beautiful choices for any arrangement and the colors will pull together the entire fall look!


The unique design of a Pansy will allow your floral arrangements to stand out from any other, as well as being easier to work with since they come in so many different colors! These flowers are also great because you can make them the main flower of your arrangement or also use them as a filler, whichever you prefer.


These beautiful flowers are perfect for a fall wedding because of their orange color. They are also a bigger flower so they will make any floral arrangement really stand out from others, and it will also be less expensive because you will not need to add many other flowers to the arrangement. 

Button Pom

The Button Pom is the perfect addition to any bouquet! Even though it is more of a filler it will make any arrangement pop because of how unique they are, their pom pom shape is unlike your ordinary flower! The Button Pom is great for filler and will make your bouquet stand out because it is not your typical filler for a floral arrangement.

Pin Cushion Protea

This flower is similar to the Button Pom, but on a larger scale. If you loved the look of the Button Pom but wished they were bigger this would be your go to flower! This flower is perfect for the fall because of the rustic colors that this flower has.

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