Top Wedding Dress Trends

If your’re looking for the hottest wedding dress trends of 2017, look no further!

Lace, Lace, and More Lace.

Lace gowns have an elegant feel and can inspire a vintage look. The small details included in every lace gown, such as the pearl beading weaved into the gown below, is what makes them so beautiful. Many wedding gowns accompanied by lace, have a sheer design, like the picture featured, which when paired with a lining material and color of your choice, in this case a tan silk, can inspire a unique look of its own.


To Wear Straps, or Not to Wear Straps?

Strapless dresses have always been a steady trend. In most cases it depends on whether or not a bride feels comfortable rocking the “no strap” look. But, what if you could have both options on your wedding day?! One of our brides, pictured below, flawed in a removable strap wedding gown. During her ceremony her dress featured elegant, laced shoulder straps, and as the night advanced, and the reception lingered, she removed her straps to dance around in a strapless garment.


She Nailed the Veil!

Veils have been a featured look in every brides wedding day since the stone age. In today’s generation, brides go for the most unique, exclusive styles to paramount  the rest. The bride pictured below brought uniqueness into her wedding look, by rocking a train styled veil. The veil trailed behind her, in a luxurious fashion, as she shuffled down the aisle to her one and only. This veil choice completed the bride’s attire, by adding elegance and style to her overall look.


Tea anyone?

The traditional lengthy, cathedral train wedding dress, was thrown out of the picture for this bride, who rocked a teacup style, mesh bottom gown on her wedding day. This simple, but elegant look, was ideal for the beach atmosphere, and nautical theme ceremony, that inspired the bride to not only go barefoot, but perfectly harness an above the ankle, teacup gown.


Back It Up.

Sometimes the focus of a wedding gown isn’t just the front, but the back. Open back inspired gowns, have been trending for some time now, and are only growing in the wedding dress industry. An open back style gown, like the one featured below, adds sex appeal, without too much sex appeal, to a classy, polished gown.


You Can Rock the Mock

Their are so many elegant varieties of neck lines to choose from when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress. Anything from strapless, sweetheart, to off the shoulder, the list goes on. One style that has caught the attention of many brides this upcoming season, is the mock neck. Featured below, one of our brides, sported a graceful mock neck dress, which featured a beautiful lace material and button up back. This mock style top can be found in many different styles and sleeve lengths, and adds a sumptuous look to any wedding gown.


Tie the Knot

A go to look for many brides this season includes a lace up style gown. As pictured below, one of our brides embodied a poised ruffled back dress, held together by satin finished laces, which gathered down to her upper backside. Brides relish toward this style dress, because it conforms tightly to the body adding that hourglass look and feel. The dress below featured elegant beading along the outsides of the laces, to add a more classy finish.


It’s Ruffle Time!

Ruffles are in, who would have thought! And, check out how amazing two of our brides looked, as they stunned in their mesh ruffled gowns. This style gown has even been seen in a mermaid design, where the ruffles simplify to the lower portion of the dress below the backside, somewhat similar to our bride pictured on the left. The elegant layering adds a playful feel to any wedding dress, while still keeping the classy, tasteful flair.


Trained to Perfection

There is nothing like a magnificent train on a wedding dress, that makes all of your guests do a double take. The picture below, features one of our favorite gowns; a princess lace sweep train attached from the hip, on one of our most stunning brides, added such elegance to an already astonishing dress. This specific train featured detailed vintage lacing along the bottom, as well as additional lace patterns scattered within the sheer body. So many breathtaking detail in one dress!



Don’t Sleeve Yet!

A variety of sleeves can be incorporated to any wedding dress. Whether a bride decides to rock longer sleeves for a winter wedding, or a capped sleeve gown for a spring season ceremony, sleeves can add a dazzling statement to any dress. The bride pictured on the left below, astounded in a unique short sleeve lace gown, which was perfect for her eary fall lakeside wedding. While the bride to the right stood out in a three quarter sheer sleeve dress, which clashed beautifully with her inspired look.