Best Man Duties


The Best man is an important role in a wedding. It is the grooms right hand man. The one who will handle all that the groom cannot while he is in love. The best man will make sure that all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed. With all the duties of a best man the most important one is to have fun. We have created a list of some of the best man duties for before and during the weeding. 


1. Organize the Bachelor Party 

The best job of them all! All the groomsmen can help with this. Making sure that the groom has a great time during this party is important. A fun bachelor party can get everyone excited about the wedding. It is a great way to bond with all of the groomsmen and make some great memories. 

2. Organize the Suit Fitting

All the groomsmen should match and look nice, as best man you need to ensure that all the groomsmen are getting the right attire and will show up on the wedding day looking just as handsome as the bridesmaids will be beautiful. 

3. Organize Travel Arrangements

If there are any guest coming in from out of town you as the best man have the duty to ensure that they get there on time and with a place to stay. Start researching hotels in the area because Aunt Suzy wants the best. 

4. Pay Attention at Rehearsal

The rehearsal dinner is when everyone prepares for the wedding day. Making sure everyone knows where to stand, what to say, and where to be. As best man you have to pay close attention because there is always one groomsmen who is going to have lots of questions. 



1. Watching the Groomsmen

You are to make sure that all the grooms men are where they are suppose to be and on schedule. A wedding is suppose to be fun but the last thing we want is the groom to be nervous because his cousin Vinny is still in his pajamas watching TV. 

2. Helping the Groom

It does not sound like a hard task but with all the excitement little things like forgetting to put on socks can make for a extremely uncomfortable wedding day. The best man will be the one the groom will call on whenever he needs something. Be available for the groom at any time. If he needs a ride somewhere, something to eat you are the one they call.


3. Watching the Grooms Alcohol Intake

The wedding day is going to be the most joyous occasion of a man’s life. As a best man you have to make sure that he can remember this joyous occasion. When pictures are being taken you do not want the groom in the background looking sick. 

4. Do not Lose the Rings

The best man needs to keep the rings in a safe place out of harms way. The worst thing is when your at the alter and the groom turns around to you to get the ring and all you can offer him is a hardy handshake. 

5. Give Payments and Sign Papers

The Best man must ensure that on the wedding all payments have been made. A sealed envelope for the officiant ready to go. Along with the maid of honor you as best man are also responsible for signing the marriage certificate. Those little task may not sound as exciting but they are important for a wedding to run smoothly. 

6. Give a speech

The best man is responsible for giving a toast to the bride and groom. This can often be the most frightening part for the wedding day but it is the moment that everyone looks forward too. 


7. Have Fun

Make sure everyone is having a good time, especially the groom. Everyone should be out on the dance floor smiling from ear to ear.