The Best Wedding Flowers For a Winter Wedding

Picking out flowers to use in your bouquet and floral arrangements can be very difficult sometimes, so we have picked our favorite flowers for winter weddings to help inspire you! These creative and unique ideas will look great in any arrangement! The flowers that we have picked are great for any type of winter wedding and can go great with so many different themes and color schemes!


These long flowers are the perfect flower to complete any bouquet. Although it is not the main flower of the bouquet, their beautiful color and length allows the arrangement to stand out, and it also give it such a unique look that everyone will love! This filler is a unique filler so it will make it stand out from other floral arrangements.

Pine cones

Although this is not really a flower, this unique idea is perfect for a winter wedding! It gives a much more creative look and could fit in really well with a winter wedding and bring a more down to earth natural feel to any arrangement. This look for a floral arrangement brings the perfect winter vibe to the arrangements, and will complete the winter theme.

Baby’s Breath

Even though Baby’s Breath is known as a filler for a bouquet, it is perfect for a winter floral arrangement because it looks almost like snow within the bouquet. This filler brings the piece together while giving it a classic look as well. The Baby’s Breath really ties together the entire look.


Although rhinestones are very far from flowers, they still look wonderful in a winter floral arrangement. Rhinestones are perfect for a winter wonderland arrangement and completely bring the look together. It makes the floral arrangement pop and give it an overall unique look while adding some bling to your bouquet.

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