What Your Wedding Month Says About You

No matter what month you decide to get married in it will be a beautiful day, here is what your wedding month may say about you!


Getting married in January? That means as you ring in the new year you are also ready to ring in a new life as a married couple with your significant other and start the year off right with each other! You have always loved to stick with your New Year resolution, so this year it will be to love your significant other endlessly. 


Known as the month of romance, you are a hopeless romantic and could not imagine getting married any other time of year to the person you love. Even when you were single you would look forward to Valentine’s Day every year, and just love the thought of getting married in February.


March is the perfect month for a destination wedding! Everyone is tired of the cold weather and could use a little sun in their lives! With a destination wedding you could have your wedding and honeymoon all in one to start your wedding off right. So pack your bags for a beautiful March wedding.


There is nothing you love more than watching all of the ice melt away and the flowers start to bloom as the weather begins to warm up! Spring fever is something you have always had and you just love the change of seasons. Your heart has always been set on getting married in the springtime and you could never imagine any other time of year.


April showers bring May flowers, with all the flowers in full blossom you have never been more confident than in May, so you will definitely want to say your I Do’s during this month! The springtime is always a beautiful time of year to get married, this time of year it is perfect for an indoor or outdoor wedding!


You have always thrived in the summertime and just could not imagine getting married when the weather was not warm and sunny! Since you feel your best during the month of June why not show that off and feel the best on your wedding day as well. June is the perfect month for you to tie the knot!


With Summer in full swing you are ready to swing into marriage, this month is absolutely perfect to get married somewhere outdoors, like on a beach. An outdoor wedding is something that you have always dreamed of and have never even considered getting married indoors. Going to the beach is one of your favorite things to do, so why not get married there as well!


Summer is starting to come to an end so it is the last chance to squeeze in a summer wedding and have beautiful weather for your big day. You absolutely love the warm weather and can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with the person you are with.


You have always loved when the leaves begin to change colors and it starts to become a little cooler outside. The summer heat has never been your favorite, but September is perfect for you because it is still warm enough to be outside, but cool enough that you aren’t sweating. September has always been the month for you.


Everyone pull out their masks, Halloween has been your favorite holiday since you were a little kid and you have always dreamed about having your wedding during the fall. Even if your wedding is not a Halloween theme this month has always been one of you favorite, so saying your vows during October makes sense for you.


What else could you be thankful for this time of year? An endless love is the best thing of all, getting married in November shows that you are grateful for everything that you have. You are a very family oriented person and are so excited that your family gets to enjoy your special day with you and your significant other.


A Winter Wonderland has always been your dream wedding and you can’t wait to tie the knot with someone who has always had the same dream as you. Having your wedding in the winter just makes sense to you since it is easy to decorate and your dress will match the theme already! The cold never bothered you anyway!

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