5 Bridesmaids Pics You Might Not Have Thought of Doing

Wedding photos are a time for you and your photographers to show your creativity. Drawing inspiration can be hard when you always find the same shots on websites like Pinterest. Here we have compiled 5 unique bridesmaids pictures you make now have thought of doing.



1) This pre-wedding bridal toast is a great way to get everyone excited to get in their dresses while being able to show off their comfy flannel.



2) This goofy picture of the bridesmaids behind the bar and her gorgeous flower girls is an unforgettable way to say congrats to the happy couple.



3) What better way to show off the strength of your bridesmaids then to have them hold up the groom? Everybody will be having a fun time while doing some team bonding.



4) Another idea for before the dresses go on, having the bridal party, or just the bride and her maid of honor, doing a fun jump on the bridal suite bed!



5) Snapping a photo of the bridesmaids get a first look at the stunning bride is a perfect chance to get some happy tears flowing.


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