25 Stunning Bride Preparation Images

Some of the best wedding photos are taken before the ceremony. The bridal preparation is an important part of every bride’s big day and is the best time to catch the small details of the bride’s look. We have compiled 25 photos of bridal preparation that we find stunning.



1) This shot of the bride sitting in front of her dress is simple but so gorgeous.



2) Buttoning or tying up the bride’s dress always creates a breathtaking photo.



3) Since cell phones have become a vital part of our lives, a photo of all the bridesmaids catching the first shot of the bride all done up is a cute way to get multiple pictures at one time.



4) This photo of the bridesmaids holding up the glamorously detailed dress in the light is amazing.



5) Catching a moment between the bride and her flower girl as they’re getting ready is beautiful.



6) It’s important to make sure the bride doesn’t have any dress malfunctions!



7) Here, the bride is having a moment admiring her dress, while showcasing the bridal party’s bouquets.



8) This bride took a break from her prep time to share a kiss with her ring bearer.



9) The bridal party here is taking one last look in the mirror, to make sure the bride looks breathtaking.



10) This behind the scenes picture of the make up table is filled with all beautiful smiles.



11) This photo catches the bridesmaids blowing a kiss to their bride before everyone gets changed into their dresses.



12) This bride was caught adding the finishing touches to her already gorgeous look.



13) As the bride and her maids are getting ready, the dresses and bouquets wait looking simply exquisite.



14) This bride peaks back to check out her dress as she gets tied into the beauty.



15) The bride here was caught relaxing a little, as she’s getting ready for her big day.


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16) A mother of the bride helps add the finishing touches of jewelry to the bride’s flawless look.



17) This photo is classic, catching the mother of the bride get a first look at her lovely daughter.



18) This bride shows off her sparkling engagement ring one more time before she gets into her dress.



19) A photo of the bridal party before getting dresses is always lovely, but the matching anchor shirts really add a signature style to this party.



20) A quick little smile helps make sure this bride’s makeup is breathtaking.



21) A little dab of the bride’s favorite perfume can really add to her wedding look.



22) This bride decided to go the nontraditional route by wearing sneakers, but the socks are what really make the picture special.



23) This bridal party showed off their amazing robes but taking a stunning photo in front of the water.



24) This cute photo shows of the bride’s dress and the bridal party’s stunning flowers.



25) This glamorous bride, who just finished her bridal prep, is taking a look at the prep going on outside.


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