The Latest Trends in Bridal Gowns

Looking for the perfect dress?! Fashion trends are constantly changing, wedding gowns included. Here are some of the latest trends to help all of you bride-to-be’s as you search through NJ and PA for that flawless dress.

Illusion Necklines: Sheer delicate layer of fabric covers skin that would otherwise be exposed. The illussion is a strapless dress with just a little coverage and adds an element of elegance to the dress.

Two-Tiered Skirts: Designers are focused on hemlines and creating skirts with two distinct tiers. This is a beautiful way to add detail to a gown.

Horsehair trim: Horsehair ( not actually from our animal friends) is a synthetic fabric typically used on the underskirts of gowns to give them a cleaner hemline. This trend exposes the fabric either on the hemline or turns the dress completely inside out creating incredible volume and giving the dress a more modern textual look.

Blush Dresses: Up until recently, wearing a dress that was something other than the standard while or ivory was unheard of. Now even more brides are adding subtle hues of color into their gowns.  This season blush and pink shades are making appearances on the runway.


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