How to Make the Most of your NJ Bridal Show

Obviously, as a vendor, your time is valuable, so you want to make the most of it while exhibiting at a New Jersey bridal show. Here are some tips to ensure you achieve results.


Set Goals: Be sure to go into the show with a clear state of mind on exactly what you hope to achieve. Maybe you want to gain new bride leads, or focus on a new product or service you have just introduced. Knowing exactly what you want to get out of the show makes it that much easier to achieve.

Meet with your team: Make sure you and your employees who are attending the show are all on the same page. Everyone should be aware of the goals as mentioned above, and the plan set to achieve them.

At the show:

Stand out: Make your table noticeable but also clear in exactly what you are selling. Have business cards or brochures easily accessible for brides.

Giveaways: Everyone is drawn to a free sample- even the smallest. Also if possible have your name or logo somewhere on the sample that way they remember who gave it out if they put it aside until later.

Be Friendly: This one seems a little like stating the obvious but sometimes as humans we forget. Be sure you and your team always have a smile and look inviting. Obviously brides are going to be drawn to those who seem the most friendly.

Gather info: Try and gather names and contact information from as many brides as you can. Exchanging business cards is one way or another easy way is having a drawing at your table.


Follow up: Email, phone, sending a small gift, any way of reaching out to those who showed interest at your table is a way to show them you are on top of things and really value their business.

Evaluate: Look over the goals you made before the show and see which ones were met and which weren’t. How do you think the show went overall? What can you do to improve? This is the best way to increase your success at future shows.

Make the most of your time and DOMINATE the competition!!


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