New NJ Wedding Trends: Something Blue!

Here’s an interesting fun fact: before the 19th century, blue was actually a popular color for gowns! Obviously this is no longer the case but our culture has embraced the tradition of the four must-haves on their wedding day: something old, something new, something borrowed and… something blue!

In ancient times, something blue was a symbol of faithfulness, purity, and loyalty similar to the association it now has with luck for the bride and groom and their marriage.

Brides are now coming up with super creative ways to incorporate something blue into their special day. Have fun with it!!!! Here are some ideas and new trends!

A blue pendant with the date engraved

Blue shoes! Or both of your initials embossed in blue on the bottom of your heels, some have had the groom wear blue socks to match as well!

Nail polish, either with blue glitter even just on one nail or a manicure of a subtle shade of blue

Incorporate blue into the garter, keep it tasteful with a delicate teal lace

Blue mascara (probably waterproof) for that little something

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