How PA Bridal Shows Can Help in Planning a Wedding

This is one of the most emotional parts of your wedding day besides the father daughter dance. Brides usually start planning their speech the day they get engaged, grooms not so much, they usually hold it off until the night before.

This speech shows your love for the groom and why you will be there through good times and bad times, never giving up and being there until death do you part.

First: You have to make sure you and your fiance are on the same page. Will you each be writing your own, or writing them together? This is vitally important to know before your big day. Also discuss whether you want to show them to each other before or wait until the big day to surprise each other.

Second: Create an outline to help you establish a structure you can both stick to. First maybe plan to talk about how great one another is then talking about your relationship together before this point, then your vows to each other.

Third: You need to find your voice. Do you want your vows to be humorous, or touching? Maybe they can be both. Poetic and mushy? Its your call. The most important thing is to not make stuff up that sounds good, let it come from your heart, those are the best vows and your loved one will know it came from your heart and not some hallmark card.

Fourth: Cut it down, pick a length and stick to it by keeping your speech to the point, do not go off on tangents. Finally you are ready to write!

Even though a bridal show may not seem like the place to help with writing your vows it can help a bride find an officiant. Having a great officiant at your wedding can help the vows go off smoothly as well as, providing you with advice on what to write or include!

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