What Wedding Colors Match Your Personality?

Trying to choose a color for your wedding? Why not match the color to your personality! Whether your fun and energetic or classic and sophisticated there is a perfect color for you!


If you are passionate, romantic, and confident then red is the color for you! Red is the perfect color to add a bold statement to your wedding!


If you are calm and patient then blue is a perfect choice for you! Blue is peaceful color that can add tranquility to any wedding!


Green is a calming and peaceful color which is perfect for the level-headed and thoughtful bride!


Purple is the perfect color for the fearless and charming brides! Purple can be used ranging from sweet lavender to passionate violet.


If you are sweet and compassionate with a touch of romantic than pink is your color! Brides who choose pink are positive and passionate for romance! Pink will give any wedding a romantic and sweet atmosphere!


Black is the perfect color for sexy and sophisticated brides . Black with add a chic touch to any wedding.


If you are traditional and straightforward than white is the perfect color for you! White is an elegant and classic color for weddings and is perfect for a bride that wants a simple and polished wedding!

There is a perfect wedding color for every personality! No matter if you are outgoing and silly or classic and traditional or somewhere in between there is a color for you! If you are looking for more wedding color inspiration check out Rock The Aisle Bridal’s local NJ bridal shows for more ideas! To view and register for upcoming shows visit us at http://www.rocktheaislebridal.com/