How Ocean County Bridal Shows Can Help You Find Great Food

Other than music and the couple what else is most important at a wedding? FOOD! Everybody loves food and especially good food! But how does a bride find someone who can make great food that everyone will be talking about? One way is through New Jersey Bridal Shows.

At a Ocean County bridal show a bride can find more than just the typical caterer! A NJ Bridal Show can expose you to tons of different unique caterers in the Brick Township area.

Other than finding a great caterer there are some new trends in catering that every bride should look out for! Here are the top 10 trends happening in catering right now:

1. Use Color!
2. Let Your Guest Play Bartender= Why not pick your favorite drink and set up a bar with all the fixens and let you guests have some fun! Let them make unique drinks that fit any of their tastes!
3. Have A Chef For Personalization= Instead of just the typical buffet station have a chef at each spot to assist your guests in creating the perfect plate!
4. Be Healthy!
5. Go Green!
6. Try Family Style!
8. Tasting Menu= Instead of having one big heavy meal or getting only chicken or steak do a tasting menu style meal and have your guests have a little bit of everything!
9. Bring More To The Kids Menu Than Just Chicken Fingers!
10. Late Night Munchies= Food does not have to stop after the main meal! Why not have some snacks or favorite foods come out later in the night when everyone is dying for another snack after dancing!

So now you know what to look out for! Next time you go to a South Jersey Bridal Show you can know what to look for in a caterer!

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