South Jersey Bridal Shows: An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

Today, in the year 2013, the amount of “Eco- Friendly” weddings have increased due to the awareness of how much harm we do to our own planet.  A lot of people have taken action in many different ways to decrease the amount of pollutants we are releasing into our air by practicing new methods. One of these methods includes the way we go about having a wedding. Here are a couple of our Go-Green wedding ideas:

Spring 2013 Bridal Shows

First of all, having a wedding outside is the best thing you can do. You aren’t using electricity or running water like you would in an inside venue.  The pure sunlight is providing light and heat!

Think about how much paper a typical wedding would use. You have your engagement announcements, your save-the-dates, the actual invitation to the wedding which usually includes more than one piece of paper, menus, table numbers and name cards. Now that’s a lot of trees! Although you may not want to go eco-friendly in all these areas you could do it in just one and it would make a drastic difference. For example, your invites or save-the-dates could be sent out through email!

Another major change you can make is by buying recyclable spoons, forks and knifes. This way the venue won’t have to wash all the silverware and use an obscene amount of water in the process. Now the guests can simply just throw them away.


Although there are many more ways you could make your wedding “Eco-friendly,” Rock the Aisle believes these are the easiest changes to be made to any wedding without drastically altering the “look” you were going for.

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