5 Ideas to Inspire Your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding there are a lot of things to consider you might even think to many. But the truth is all you need is a little inspiration to get you started. WE have put together some of our favorite 5 ideas that will inspire you to start your wedding planning. 


1. The Location


Where do you want to have your wedding? Are you looking to have a traditional wedding in a church, or on the beach, or even maybe in a barn. There are so many options for location. Once you figure that out it will be easy to start discussing others things like colors and flowers. 


2. The Flowers


Start with what kind of flowers you like. From your flower choice you will be able to narrow down the colors you want at your wedding, then what color your bridesmaids will be wearing. Do you want a lot of flowers in your wedding or just a small bouquet. Start off with the small questions and then let the rest fall into place.


3. The Centerpiece


Think about what you want to see sitting in the center of your tables. There is no wrong way to go with your center piece. Let the center piece tell a story of your love fro each other. It can be flowers it can be a picture of the newlyweds maybe even some beautiful candles. 



4. The Cake


You can never go wrong starting with dessert. The cake is the most important part of a wedding because it is one of the last things your guest are going to experience from your wedding, so make it memorable. Think about the whole thing the flavor, size, and color. Are you going to be using a traditional cake topper or no cake topper at all. Plan your wedding around the cake, have the cake be a closing paragraph of your wedding. 

5. The Shoes


You are going to be wearing your shoes all day, so you have to chose wisely. Start with the shoes, then add the dress and then everything else will follow. If you know the one thing you definitely want at your wedding, you soon will be inspired for everything else.