24 Must-Have Wedding Photos!

Most brides spend their entire lives planning the picture perfect wedding. They fantasize about the picturesque venue, the perfect theme, and most importantly…what style wedding gown to wear! There are so many choices that have to be made for the big day, so we decided to help you with one of the many difficult decisions: wedding photos. This will be your guide to those wedding photos that you absolutely must have! Register at no cost and meet with a photographer at a Rock The Aisle Bridal Show! 

  1. Bride and Gown 

This photo shows the joy of the bride before she steps into that beautiful gown, and it is always a gorgeous shot. These photos and memories are to be cherished forever, and it is always wonderful to see the joy in the bride’s eyes as she gazes at her dress!



2. Bride’s Shoes

Even though they’re hidden under many dresses, they are still an important part of the bride’s ensemble. 



3. Bridal Party in Robes

Many bridal parties get either customized or colorful robes for the wedding day preparations, so of course you need a picture of them!


4. Having Fun

The bride will be feeling a lot of different emotions on the day of her wedding and she has to remember to have some fun! If you take a moment to do something wacky, you’ll feel so relieved, and will be even more relieved to know you photographed that happy moment!


5. The Veil

Once the veil is placed on the bride’s head, she realizes she is truly getting married. She’ll be gleaming and this shot is a must!kkbj-330


6. The Bride Alone

Once all of the finishing touches are done, you MUST take a picture of the bride in her gown! These photos always look phenomenal, and will remind the bride just how special she truly is.


7. Groomsmen

Just like the bridal party picture, you have to have a picture of the groomsmen. These photos are always the epitome of squad goals.


8. First Look 

If the bride and groom decide to have a first look session, you have to take a picture of the moment right before the groom sees his beautiful bride. The mixture of nerves and joy should definitely be cherished in a photograph for many years to come.


9. Flower Girls/Boys

This picture is pretty self-explanatory…why wouldn’t you want to remember those adorable faces?


10. Walking Down The Aisle

Whether the bride is walked down the aisle by her father, uncle, brother, mother, etc., she’ll always be thankful and it’s such a sweet moment to cherish forever. 



11. First Kiss

The first is a pretty big deal since it’s the first kiss as husband and wife. It’s a special moment and truly must be photographed!


12. Leaving the Ceremony

This moment is always filled much so happiness!


13. First Dance

Other than the first kiss, this is a very intimate moment between the newlyweds and is always photo-worthy. 


14. Bride and Father Dance

Again, whether it’s a brother, uncle, or whoever, this is another really sweet moment for the bride. 


15. Groom and Mother Dance

If you choose to have a groom and mother dance, you absolutely must photograph that precious moment.


16. Cake Alone

We know that you look amazing, but we also want to show off the beauty of the cake! 


17. Couple with the Cake

Whether you’re posing in front of the cake or actually cutting it, you must have a picture with your cake.


18. Newlyweds Sitting Down

You are the center of attention, and your table is decorated especially just for you. You must have a photo of you with your amazing decorations.


19. Reception Decorum

You spent months planning out the perfect reception, so you definitely need a photo to remind you that all of your hard-work paid off!


20. Bustin’ A Move

The reception is the time to celebrate, and it’s always great to remember who had the best dance moves!



21. Photo Props

Of course guests want to have a great time, so why not entertain them with some fun photo props? When you see how much fun your family and friends had using them, you’ll be so glad the props were there!


22. Newlywed Portrait

Sneak away from all the festivities and have a quick newlywed photo shoot. You’re going to want some great portrait photos.


23. The Rings

This picture is great simply because it shows off the creativity of the photographer. It’s always a beautiful shot.


24. Favors

No wedding album is complete without a photo of the wedding favor!


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