12 of Our Favorite Bride Hair Styles

As the bride, all eyes are on you during your wedding day. We know for sure you’ll look beautiful no matter how you decide to style yourself, but here are just a few of our favorite hairstyles. Many of our NJ Rock The Aisle Bridal Shows include a fashion show, so make sure to register (it’s FREE!) to get more inspiration.


  1. Curls are always a popular choice. 




2. Don’t want to worry about your hair being in your face? Pin it up!



3. This is more laxed pinned-up hairstyle.



4. Love volume? You can achieve that with this swooped, back, pinned-up look.



5. You can show off your long tresses with soft waves.



6. Pin up your hair and add a beautiful decoration.



7. Your hair won’t get in your way of celebrating if you pull it all to the side.


8. For more glam, add a headband!



9. You don’t have to have tight curls on your big day.



10. Your hair can be up, and still show off your lovely curls.



11. Soft curls are always a glamorous look.



12. Another great side, curled look!



There are so many options of how to wear your hair on your special day. Whether it’s straight or curly, we know you will look stunning!

Meet with a stylist at a NJ Rock The Aisle Bridal Show to make sure your hair looks stunning on your big day!