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We are SO excited to launch our new Rock the Aisle Bridal Magazine! We have a variety of featured articles focusing on New Jersey and Philadelphia bridal planning. This magazine offers suggestions from wedding professionals on how to make the wedding process fun and easy! 

From beauty suggestions, to your personal photography style, this magazine is guaranteed to give brides the latest fashion trends– all in one location. Tailored to the locality of New Jersey and Philadelphia, brides can learn more about local weddings and suggestions from past brides on what they wish they would have done. 

Rock the Aisle Magazine is available at no cost to those who attend a Rock the Aisle bridal show in NJ. Click here for more information on our NJ bridal shows. We cannot wait to see you at the shows!

If you really want a copy of Rock the Aisle Magazine and you can’t wait to attended one of our shows, you can purchase your copy right now here:

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