7 Bouquet You Will LOVE

Your wedding bouquet, one of the most important symbols of the wedding. The bouquet says everything, you can tell  the theme of the wedding, season, and even the personality of the bride from the bouquet. Choosing your perfect bouquet can be a challenge but understand you can have so much fun with it. Meet with a florist at a NJ Rock The Aisle Bridal Show to make sure your flower arrangements are perfect!  We have put together our Top 7 favorite bouquets that we know you will LOVE.

Pictures of Wedding BouquetsThis gorgeous bouquet is so unique because it is not made up of flowers at all. Made entirely of ribbons, this bouquet will surely be the talk to the wedding. You can tell hard work and love was put into this bouquet when making it. The beautiful pieces of jewelry placed throughout the bouquet add a beautiful touch of elegance and sparkle which we love.  


Pictures of Wedding Bouquets

A beautiful all white bouquet is perfect for any wedding. The mix of roses, peonies, and baby’s breath is a classic combination. The beautiful body of the peonies symbolize good fortune and a happy marriage. Perfect choice for a wedding bouquet. 

Wedding Bouquets Pictures

This eclectic bouquet is perfect for any spring wedding. The variety of flowers showcases all the personality that this wedding has. Do not be afraid to mix and match with your flowers, this bouquet is one of our favorites because of it. 

Yellow Wedding Bouquet

The electric yellow is sure to brighten your heart when you see it. You can never go wrong with bright colors. Everyone will feel warm inside when they see the bright sunflowers.

Sea Shell Wedding Bouquet

You do not need flowers to have a bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for a beach wedding. A fun mix of seashells and starfish will have everyone wanting a picture. The best part is you will have your bouquet to keep forever. 

Unique Wedding Bouquet

Elegant is only one word to describe this bouquet. Full of color and life anyone would love to have this bouquet at their wedding. Combining flowers such as roses, hypericum, and hydradias is a great idea being that they compliment each other so well.Fall Wedding Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet is great for a fall wedding. These autumnal colors are gorgeous to see. The bouquet also has flowers made up of pages from a book, a breathtaking design, taking this bouquet from a bunch of flowers to a piece of art work. 


Don’t forget to register and attend a NJ Rock The Aisle Bridal Show to meet with a florist and go over every detail!