Why You Should Have A Separate Wedding Email Address

Wedding planning can be a complicated and overwhelming process and when you are in contact with a wedding planner, it’s a huge help to have a separate wedding email address! Your email is going to be the hub of information any time you write it down for vendors or at a Rock the Aisle Bridal Show for people who are willing and eager to market their services to you for you to utilize on your big day.

So why is it important?

It’s going to be a completely separate area from your main email inbox, which will help you make sure it doesn’t get caught up with spam emails or lost in a sea of digital coupons from all of the companies you subscribe to via email. It will help you filter emails from vendors and whoever you are using as a planning service especially since those messages typically contain invaluable information. If you can give a vendor or bridal company your wedding email instead of your normal email address, it will significantly cut down on any spam you will receive.

You won’t receive any irrelevant emails after your big day.

After your wedding is over, you definitely do not want to be receiving emails from videographers, florists, and limo services pestering you about using their service for a day that already occurred. Having a wedding email will protect your personal email address from messages like these after your wedding day is over and you can simply just stop checking your wedding email address.

What should my email be?

There are a lot of options for this one. It can be anything you’d like, but the most common ones are something like “FutureMrsSmith” or “YourMarriedLastName-Wedding”. There are virtually no limits to what you can use as your wedding email handle, but last names and wedding dates are helpful especially because it is an indicator of who the email is being sent to.

Should I add a signature?

Adding a signature to your emails comes highly recommended because it contains the most basic, valuable details about your big day and it helps to just be a reminder to whoever you may be emailing, whether it be a vendor or a planning service. Not only does this reaffirm any major details about your wedding day, it also helps you from having to answer the same questions over and over. A popular wedding signature template is as follows:

Your first and last name

Phone Number

Wedding Date

Wedding City/State

Check your inbox regularly!

There are some very important details that need to be handled when it comes to your wedding day. Everyone is going to try and be in touch with you to try and get those details sorted out as quickly as possible and in order to be efficient with responding to those emails, it helps to check your inbox regularly so that you do not miss out on any details or miss any appointments or phone calls you may have planned. You also never know what kind of limited-time offers are going to come through your email from vendors, so it helps to be on top of them in order to potentially save yourself some money! (Because we all know how expensive weddings can be)

Good Luck and Happy Planning!