We LOVE These Beach Pictures

We LOVE these beach pictures

When you’re living so close to the beach, it only makes sense to take some pictures on the breathtaking shoreline. Some of the most iconic wedding photos come from beach photoshoots. Here we take a look at some beach wedding pictures that we absolutely LOVE.



1) This photo has all the makings of an unforgettable experience, from the simple beach and mountainous background to the gorgeous brides in their stunning dresses.



2) This simple beach photo is a classic with subtle use of fencing to add to a beautiful atmosphere.



3) This bride looks breathtaking on the beach, where she is about to surprise her to-be husband with his first look shot.



4) A creative take on beach photos is to get a few shots under the boardwalk. Here, the groomsmen are admiring the bride’s ring and all its beauty.



5) This boardwalk photo is a favorite of ours because at first glance, this looks like a photo of a photo, and everyone looks radiant.


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