Our Philosophy is to preserve your big day. It seems like a simple Philosophy but there is so much to it! is to show your personality your joy and love for your significant other or for your family is capturing all those emotional moments of your big day in quality design but without intefering in the flow of the day.
Our Mission is to provide you with a timeless product. We understand that technology changes at a fast paste and although we stay up-to-date we understand that these are just tools and your video should go beyond technology. We focus on content! We tell a story of you and your day, so that if you watch it now or in ten years those memories will have the same or even greater value as time goes by.
Our Vision is trust - We understand the value of your day not only financially but emotionally to you to your significant other and your family. We make a balance in creativity and respect of your day.
We will:
- Conduct ourselves not only with creativity, but integrity and professionalism.
- Deliver with superiour performance your final product in a efficient manner and on timely basis.
- Stay up-to-date with knowledge & technology to implement it in your final product.


- 50% off engagement shoots when booking any of our standard packages. (exp. May 30, 2016)
- Save up to $700 when booking us for both services photography and video. (Standard CD and Video)


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