NYGI Boutique is an online boutique inspired by the high end boutiques in Italy. Realizing that the same amazing Italian handbags were being offered by fashion designers in the US for a lot of money. NYGI Boutique will bring that same high quality designer handbags under $200 and high fashion jewelry under $100, from around the world to your doorstep! With these affordable prices everyone could have these same luxury at a fraction of the designers price. NYGI boutique will search the world to obtain these amazing imported high end designer handbags and high quality jewelry, with free shipping!

All the products offered on NYGI Boutique are imported. Now you can have that same designer Italian handbags and high quality end jewelry seen in fashion shows and high end department stores for a fraction of the price, when you shop at NYGI Boutique.

NYGI Boutique brings people good quality italian bags at a low price with beautiful jewelry that sure would make someone to stop and stare. WE hope you enjoy our bags just as much as we do and thank you again for chosen NYGI Boutique.


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