1- We are a boutique studio - not a wedding photography factory. John photographs a limited number of weddings each year so you will receive outstanding attention.

2- We are a family business. John handles the photography while his wife Debbie makes every photo shine in Photoshop. Both Debbie and John have been full time professional photographers their whole lives.

3- John brings unparalleled experience. Years of wedding photography combined with two decades as a photojournalist. John’s editorial work has been nominated for two N.Y. Emmy Awards and was part of the team awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize.

4- You can reach John any time, you have his personal cell phone number and email address.

5- We want you recommending John O’Boyle Photography to your friends and family. That will only happen if we deliver awesome photos and top notch service

What's your style?
I've spent over 20 years as a national award winning photojournalist but I think my wedding photography spans different styles.
My goal is to deliver story-telling candid photos along with dynamic portraits.

Do I get my photos on a USB drive? Yes
Can we create a custom album together? Yes
Can I skip the album? Yes
Can I get an album for my parents? Yes
Can we add an engagement shoot? Yes
Can we add a second photographer? Yes
Do you say anything other than yes? No. Hey, that's a trick question.

How soon can I see my photos?
Coming from the world of photojournalism, I'm used to deadlines.
I know that you want to share the photos with friends and family right away and that you also want to hold on to them for years to come.
So I make it easy to share them today, easy to keep them forever.

Sharing could not be easier.
Blog post
Within a few days of your wedding there will be a "sneak peek" online. This is about a half dozen great photos.
Often couples post the link on Facebook while on their honeymoon.
Family and friends love it because they see the photos so soon after the wedding.

Online gallery
A few weeks later all your photos are available in a password protected gallery. That photo of your aunt dancing with your uncle, she can see it in the gallery. Not only can she see it but she can easily put it on Facebook or order a print.

See I told you that sharing was easy.

Of course you will want to keep your wedding photos forever, this is easy too.
USB drive
You will receive a USB drive with all the high resolution photos. At least 700 photos, sometimes even more. The photos are cropped and toned for optimum color.

The best way to preserve your wedding memories is with a custom hand crafted album.
We will work together to craft an album that you love.
The albums are designed to last for generations.
They really are beautiful.

Easy to share today, easy to keep forever

What kind of gear do you use?
I use top of the line Canon gear. Since back up gear is so important I have back up gear for my back up gear.

Do you have insurance?
I know that some venues require that photographers have liability insurance. Of course I have liability insurance.


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