The Perfect Make-up for your Special Day

nj wedding photography

Brides and bridesmaids spend hours getting ready for the wedding day. At PA bridal shows, Rock the Aisle Bridal will provide professional makeup specialists who can give you tips for the big day. Read the suggestions below to perfect your dream wedding look:

Use waterproof mascara– No one wants make-up running down their face during the wedding. Instead, use waterproof mascara to withstand tears.

Blend!– Cameras pick up visible makeup lines so you want to make sure all of your makeup is blended. You don’t want nasty blobs of makeup on the corners of your eyes. Blend blend blend!

Foundation– Make sure your foundation matches your exact skin tone. We recommend yellow-based foundation because it typically works best on most skin tones. A yellow-based foundation will neutralize undertones and allow for an all-over clear complexion!

Bright lips– No one wants to looked washed out in photos. Make sure to pick a pink or rose color to give your lips a little lift in the pictures. Whatever color you choose, be sure to keep it with you for touchups.

Sweet cheeks– A pop of pink on your cheeks will add an instant facelift!

Eyeliner tips– Add a very romantic look by using the best eyeliner option. Black and brown sometimes look too intense for a daytime or outdoors wedding. In this case, opt for a charcoal, mahogany, or navy.

You are supposed to be the spotlight of your wedding day. Make sure your makeup does not overwhelm your natural beauty. At each PA Bridal Show, makeup artists from Mary Kay and Arbonne will be in attendance to show brides how to bring out their inner beauty. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a PA Bridal Show now!