The Best Wedding Flowers For a Spring Wedding

Picking what flower to use in your bouquet and floral arrangements can seem like a big task and you might have no clue where to begin, but to make it easier we have listed a few of our favorite flowers for a spring wedding! Make sure to keep in mind if the flowers can be dyed or not to keep with your theme as well as how well they will last through the day, you don’t want to pick something that will wilt right away. All of these flowers are great and there is no going wrong!

Calla Lily

The unique look of this flower will allow your floral arrangements to stand out from so many others! Since the shape of this flower is very open it would be great a flower to be the main part of any arrangement and use other little flowers as fillers. Since they can be so many different colors you can’t go wrong with a Calla Lily.


These flowers can make any floral arrangement come to life, with the variety of colors they come in they can fit in with so many different themes! Since they have more of a flat shape they can take up more space to nicely fill out your floral arrangements.


Want to feel like royalty on your big day? The name of this flower means crown in Greek, and could be a great addition to your wedding! The endless colors that they come in could fit in anywhere, and if you want to keep up with the theme of royalty have them dyed a deep purple.


Roses have always been known as a flower that represents love, so what better flower to use on your wedding day! This beautiful bouquet shows how great these roses fit into a spring wedding and will pull your entire look together.

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