Spring 2013 NJ Bridal Shows

Spring 2013 Bridal ShowsCalling all brides in NJ! It’s Spring 2013 and the perfect time to start planning your wedding! Start off by attending a Rock the Aisle Bridal Show! Rock the Aisle Bridal is ready to rock your experience at a NJ bridal show this Spring 2013!

Rock the Aisle Bridal has hidden wedding costs for you to be aware of and to keep in mind while attending a Spring 2013 NJ Bridal Show:

Postage Stamps:

Why it’s hidden Stationers don’t advertise the shipping costs; if they did, you might decide to go with simpler (read: cheaper) invites.
The cost Oversized, awkwardly shaped and bulky invitations will most often run you as much as $2 each to mail.
How to avoid it Skip the fancy boxed invitations and multilayer cards, which can bulk up quickly and cost a lot more than you bargained for.

Wedding Dress Alterations and Steaming:

Why it’s hidden Most stores don’t include alterations (or steaming!) in the price of the wedding dress, and they’re not doing it for free — it can take up to three hours just to alter the bustier!
The cost A simple hem can be less than $100, but completely rebuilding a bodice or moving zippers can send the price upward of $500.
How to avoid it Ask about what the store charges for every alteration you may need before you purchase the gown.
We have many bridal shows this season scheduled all over NJ! Register for one of our Spring 2013 NJ Bridal shows closest to you!

Register for a Spring 2013 NJ Bridal show!


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