South Jersey Bridal Shows: Top 4 Ways to Propose!

Pennsylvnia 2013So you’re thinking about proposing, but not sure how? Rock the Aisle Bridal has compiled a list of our favorite ways to propose. Be sure to look over the list for tips and tricks on how to make your proposal one to last the test of time.

1. If you want to do something unique, make up a fake story about meeting your friends for a party in downtown NY or Philadelphia. Bring her out to a very nice restaurant with beautiful scenery. Make sure the staff knows so they are prepared. When the meal is complete, get down on one knee and propose marriage. After she says yes, have the waiter bring over a bottle of champagne for celebration.

2. It’s so important to make this experience memorable and personable. Returning to the place where the two of you first met is always a great idea. Remind the love of your life how you met and where that has led you two.

3. You could also be very creative and take your soon-to-be fiance on a plane ride. Bring her over your family’s house or her family’s house. When you get there, have your families hold out a sign that says, “Will you Marry Me?”

4. A classic way to propose is to make her go on a treasure hunt with friends. This can be a really fun and exciting thing to do for the day. Make clues that are meaningful to your relationship. Think about having her parents be one of the clues. You show up at the last clue and propose. It’s such a romantic idea that she’s bound to love!

Whatever you decide to do, surprises are always the best. You don’t want your future bride knowing where or when you are going to propose. Be romantic and speak from your heart. For more fun ideas make sure to attend a South Jersey Bridal Show!

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