South Jersey Bridal Shows Helping Brides

Up? Down? Straight? Curly? Brides have an endless amount of options to choose from while deciding how to handle their South Jersey wedding day hair. Recently, Rock the Aisle Bridal has found that brides are going with an up-do. Through our South Jersey bridal shows that have been happening in towns from Brick to Manchester, we can see that brides what stylists who can deliver a great up-do!

 An up-do is a great choice for a South Jersey wedding—especially during summer or spring. Getting married during the warmer months has its advantages; for instance, couples can take photos outside, and a bride doesn’t have to hide her beautiful dress with a jacket. However, outside activity can be harmful to a bride’s hairstyle. Especially in the hot and humid NJ beach wedding weather.  Unless a bride decides on an up-do, the wind can make hair look messy and untamed. By going with an up-do, a bride can be assured that her hair will look the same throughout the whole day and night.

 “I’m getting married in the winter—what does this have to do with me?” Good question. While choosing a South Jersey wedding day hairstyle, brides should take into consideration the after party. Between the dance floor and the running around to greet all the guests, it is bound to get a little sweaty. As all women know, heat and hair do not mix well. Don’t be afraid to dance your heart out on your wedding day—choose an up-do.

 There are an abundance of up-do options. The best way to find the best hairstyle for your wedding day is to consult with a professional hairstylist. Don’t worry, Rock the Aisle Bridal can help.  With New Jersey bridal shows in both the fall and the spring, Rock the Aisle Bridal can assist South Jersey wedding at any time of year.

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