Rock The Aisle Bridal Tips For Choosing A Wedding Cake

Picking your wedding cake is vitally important. Why? Everyone sits and watches as you smudge icing all over the grooms face, before eating their portion. That’s why it is important your cake looks amazing and tastes delicious. This most likely will be the main dessert served at your wedding, why not make it an excellent one? Tip 1: Choosing the perfect bakery: Start online to see different cake artist’s work. This is important to do before going for a taste test. You want to see what their work looks like before going to the place to taste. Next, you should visit the bakery in person to meet with their staff. It is important to walk out of the bakery with an image of the cake. Tip 2: Give yourself a good amount of time to pick it out: Planning the cake should take three to six months. Once the bride picks out her color scheme and the venue, it is time to design the cake! This is the time to order it before the planning gets hectic and close to two months until the wedding. Tip 3: Looks are important, but you want to love the taste: Make sure you arrange a cake tasting before choosing the flavor ! Every bakery has different recipes, chocolate may be your favorite flavor, but their chocolate work may taste a little different from the bakery’s around the corner. Avoid exotic tastes ! Keep the taste original with a beautiful look. Majority of people love chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Tip 4: Get a little creative: Now a days people are going crazy with cake designs, from car shaped cakes to princess castles, creativity is endless. Many brides go with the color scheme of their wedding to the cake color coordination. Themed weddings should have a themed cake ! Tip 5: Need Inspiration? Try a cake trend: Matching the brides dress to the cake is a big trend this season. Jewelry and ruffles have been matched to the brides wedding cake. Brides have been going back to the classic butter cream frosting. As for shapes, ovals are really in this season. Round is traditional, square can be a lot of fun, but an oval-shaped cake draws a lot of attention and allows us more room upon which to create. Tip 6: Don’t make these cake mistakes:There are two major mistakes when planning a custom wedding cake. First is waiting until the last minute to plan and order a cake. Most places have their cake orders planned weeks in advance. Some decorations have to be separately ordered taking up even more time. The second mistake is to have too many people providing input. Brides will go crazy if both sides are in on the wedding cake. It’s your wedding, you pick it out and have the cake artist’s opinion. Getting family involved with your wedding can be stressful ! Save your spot at a Rock The Aisle Bridal Show today!  It’s a great way to find many different bakers and hopefully one can be the one who makes your wedding cake! Click the box below!!