Preppy Color Palette!

There are countless color palettes that look perfect for any wedding, but the most popular trend we have been seeing is the preppy color palette! Rock the Aisle Bridal compiled a list of our favorite preppy colors, so take a look!

Rock The Aisle Bridal

Navy, green and ailver are great colors for a nautical-themed wedding. Navy and green always look good together, but adding a little silver sparkle makes the combination pretty and preppy. This color scheme is great for whichever season you choose.

For a fall wedding, colors such as pumpkin, eggplant, green, and mocha are perfect preppy choices. These warm tones bring out the natural beauty of the season.

If your wedding is during the winter months, use colors that reflect the vibrant Christmas colors. Red, deep blue, periwinkle and white are perfect colors for this season. Choose colors that have rich hues, or even some metallic. These are great comforting and romantic colors for the cold winter months.

Spring weddings are the perfect time to bring out the bright colors. Pinks, yellow, lilac, and teal are great colors for this Easter season. There are so many preppy colors that could be used to reflect this cheerful season.

Vibrant colors are best for a summer wedding. A pop of color is always great and adds a little “sass” to the occasion. Coral, mint, navy and hot pink make a great color palette.

Colors are a major aspect of the wedding because it affects every choice of the planning process. Attend an NJ Bridal show and we can help you determine the perfect preppy color palette for you!