Philly Bridal Shows: Emergency Kits for the Bridesmaids!

Planning for unexpected emergencies on your wedding day is commonly overlooked. There are usually too many things on the bride-to-bes’ mind for preparing for perfection rather than destruction.

Rock The Aisle Bridal

Rock the Aisle wants to help you be prepared for any unpredictable things that may take place, so we can help make your day as perfect as possible! As the bride-to-be the best way to avoid any mistakes is by making an “emergency kit” for each of your bridesmaids. These kits should include the following items:


Water Bottle

Eye drops

Mini Sewing Kits


Hair Pins/ Hair ties

Mini Deodorant

Little Snack Pack

Panty Hose

Spot Remover

With each bridesmaid equipped with one of these special kits there should be no accident that shouldn’t be able to be taken care of! Your day is suppose to be perfect, so make sure to prepare as much as possible to make your dream day a reality.

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