Philly Bridal Shows: 5 Tips for a Fabulous Glow



If it isn’t the summertime, you don’t reside in a hot and sunny location, or you just aren’t into baking your skin in the sun because of the harmful effects it may cause, how are you supposed to achieve that all-too-desired “perfect glow”? There is a solution ladies, and it’s quite simple: spray tanning! Spray tanning is an excellent way for brides to get tan quickly and easily if the right steps are taken. Depending on what shade of tan the bride is looking to be, there are many options for her!

Of course we’ve all seen that episode of “Friends” where Ross goes spray-tanning and it couldn’t have went worse. But this was only because he wasn’t clear of what to do, and with the help of these 5 useful tips you’ll be walking down the aisle with the perfect glow!

1. Exfoliate: It is extremely important to remember to exfoliate at least two to three times per week starting a few months before your wedding day. This allows your skins to maintain an even and fresh look by removing all of the dead skin cells. Exfoliation also is key in making your tan look as natural as possible!

2. Moisturize: Lotion, lotion, lotion! Nothing is worse looking than a woman with scaly, orange legs because they got a spray tan with extremely dry legs. Moisturizing your legs often helps keep the tan on top layers of your skin, rather than sink deeply into every crack and crevice in your skin. One of the number one mistakes women make when they get spray tans is forgetting to moisturize previously and afterwards. Moisturizing after your spray is said and done helps elongate the life of your tan!

3. NEVER, and I mean never wax anything directly after your spray tan. If you need your eyebrows, your lip, or your legs waxed always make sure to get that done before your spray. Nothing could be worse than those embarrassing spaces under your eyebrows where the wax was pulled off.

4. Book a “try” appointment. If you’re not totally sure if you’ll like how a spray tan looks, or you’re trying out a new salon book an appointment for a spray a month or two before your day. This allows you to really figure out what you like and want, without the panic of a tan gone wrong days before your big day.

5. If you really want to be particular, find a salon where you can have the tan administered by a tanning professional rather than an automatic booth. This way is virtually foolproof seeing as the tan is sprayed on you and you do not have to rely on yourself to follow any confusing directions from the booth. The only downfall to this method for some women, is that you can choose to bare it all to the employee when being sprayed. But fear not, if you’re a little shy you can just choose to wear your bathing suit!

To find a tanning professional that’s right for you, check out RTA’s Philly Bridal Show schedule to meet Spray Tan professionals that are just waiting to talk to you! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!