PA Bridal Shows: What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You?

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Some guys have no idea where to begin when looking for an engagement ring. One way to narrow down the thousands of choices, is to determine the bride’s personality and go from there. Engagement rings can say a lot about who someone is. Grooms can attend a PA Bridal show to learn more about engagement rings. Until then, read below to determine what a diamond shape says about a bride.

  1. Round- Round diamonds are perfect for the traditional bride. This is the most popular diamond shape because it creates a sparkle like none other. The diamond’s facets allows the diamond to shine like none other.
  2. Princess- A princess diamond cut is perfect for the bride who is traditional with a little modern spin. This is a very popular diamond for many brides.
  3. Cushion- Cushion cut diamond shapes say one thing: effortlessly romantic. The rounded corners and sides make the diamond softer than the princess design, but not as circular as the round diamond.
  4. Radiant- This diamond shape is true to its name: radiant. Brides will love this design because of the extra sparkle created by the facets. This classic shape will forever be timeless.
  5. Oval- Some people think that oval diamonds do not sparkle as much as round diamonds, but that’s not true. Oval diamonds may have just as many facets as round diamonds which creates just as much shine. This diamond says unique and sophisticated.
  6. Asscher- This fashion-forward design is a favorite to many because Carrie Bradshaw modeled an asscher-cut diamond on Sex and the City. This is the perfect ring for brides who love the latest fashion trends or appreciate vintage-inspired styles.

If you want more information on which diamond would be perfect for your bride, sign up for a PA Bridal Show!