PA Bridal Shows: Say “I Do” to an Updo

Something Blue

Updo’s have always been a favorite amongst brides for how they want to do their hair on the big day. Whether they’re more traditional or more modern, we simply love updos! Take a look at our three favorite updos for this bridal season:


Bridal Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina bun can be both traditional and more modern depending on how loose the bun is. For a clean, more classic look go with a tighter bun with the hair completely pulled back with no loose strands. For a more modern, relaxed look, possibly for a beach wedding let your curled hair be loosely brought up in the back of your head with just a few curls hanging in the front.


Braided Chignon

Brides, braids are in! Nothing makes a hairstyle more unique than adding a braid to any updo! A braided chignon is a truly unique and stylish hairdo that always looks classy. Again, the bride can determine whether she wants a more relaxed or pulled together look based on the complete look that she is going for.


Side Ponytail

If you are looking to get an updo, but aren’t sure if you want your shoulders totally bare you should certainly go with a side pony! This look is gorgeous on girls who are looking to go with straight or curled hair. The trick? Don’t use an actual hair tie to pull your hair back, just use bobby pins! This actually keeps the pony more intact and leaves you without any unattractive creases. If you plan on having your hair curled for your big day, this is a great way to go because with using the bobby pins, your hairstylist can truly place every curl in the exact place that she wants.


Still want more ideas? Sign up for one of our PA Bridal Shows to meet hair professionals and learn more ways to do you hair on your big day!