Our Process

Advertising decisions should never be rushed or taken lightly and that is why at Rock the Aisle we follow the “scientific method” of marketing.

Our Process

In Summary Our Process is:

Step One: Discovery Meeting

Our process begins with a discovery meeting. The discovery meeting is a 20-45 minute no obligation meeting that will help our organizations to get to know each other. At this meeting we willlearn about your most pressing bridal marketing needs, explain our advertising methodology, provide evidence of our past performance, and answer any questions about us that you may have.

Step Two: SWOT Analysis

After the discovery meeting, we move to our tailored SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis is a 60-90 minute information gathering meeting. In this meeting we will thoroughly collect information about your brand, marketing messages, target demographic, and marketing goals. Please note that we do sign a three year non-disclosure statement with all of our clients before this meeting is taken place.

Step Three: Recommendations

From the information we gather in the SWOT analysis, we are able to design the advertising for your bridal show as well as make recommendations to your existing marketing. Recommendations are given at no additional charge as long as your facility has a show on the calendar with us. Some common recommendations include website conversion notes tips, direct marketing ideas, and sales training solutions for front-line salespeople.

Step Four: Preparation and Execution

Armed with your brand information and local knowledge of your geographic sales area we move to show preparation and execution. We handle all marketing communications of exhibiting vendors and brides as well has all show promotion aspects. If your facility chooses a media buy package with us we will provide creative input and production services. Months and weeks leading up to show day, we will be providing status updates on bridal and vendor registration counts. On show day, our team will provide all aspects of show management in the utmost professional manner.

    Show management includes:

  • Checking-in Vendors
  • Checking-in Brides
  • Crowd Control
  • Work with Vendors Who are Providing the Fashion Show
  • Lead List Management

With Rock the Aisle Bridal Productions running your show,
all you have to do is do what you are good at: BOOKING WEDDINGS!

Step Five: Review and Renewal

The show, will not be the last time you hear from us. We always schedule a review conference call to go over your comments about the show to discuss your marketing plan with the leads list we generated from the show. Again, recommendations are given at no additional cost however, we do strongly suggest that a more formal follow-up plan is in place; which we can help you create and implement.

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