Our New Top 10 Favorite Detail Shots

Small details are what really adds an iconic twist to any wedding. Making sure photos are taken of these details is important for remembering every aspect of your wedding. This list is our new top favorite detail shots.



1) What better way to showcase your rings for your fall weddings than to hang them on a pumpkin? It a great way to show off the perfect rustic feel.



2) These blue and white straws and cups really capture the nautical feel.



3) What a beautiful close-up of a bride’s lovely tribute to those who couldn’t be with her on her big day.



4) Such a cute little display to show off your Cinderella themed wedding and to begin your own happily ever after.



5) This little guy adds a personal touch this this bride’s stunning bouquet.



6) What better way to incorporate something blue than to decorate your shoes! And it makes for a great picture with a matching bouquet, as well!



7) What a cute way to show how your counted down to your big day!



8) If you’re going to be decorating your wedding day shoes, you better make sure they get photographed before the fun!



9) A sleigh is a creative way to bring even the youngest members of the bridal party down the aisle of a winter themed wedding.



10) This sign is a cute and helpful way to get the groom and everyone else ready for the bride-to-be’s big reveal!

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