NJ Wedding Trends 2012: Add your style!

Congratulations, you have found your perfect dress!! Next step: accessorize!! Even though your biggest accessory is your ring, you can still express your style with a little something extra. Use it to show off your individuality. Lets face it, the traditional wedding ensemble has been around for a very long time, and while it is the tradition that makes is so special, it can never hurt to make it your own.

The biggest trends focus on adding vibrant colors through jewelry, shoes, handbags, as well as hair accessories.


Shoes are becoming one of the ways of expression. It started out as a fun way to add that something blue, but it has now grown into pinks, greens, reds, any color at all just to brighten up the dress.

Obviously when it comes to wedding jewelry you don’t want anything that is going to take away from the ring. A lot of brides now though are adding a little subtle pop of color into their jewelry. Also, jewelry that has a vintage look is gathering a lot of attention from brides.

One of the biggest trends for 2012 and for the upcoming seasons as well is the feather fascinators. This goes along with the vintage trend and allows brides to step away from the traditional veils. These fascinators are large bridal hair accessories worn on the side of the head as a part of the hairstyle and the feather fascinators are inspired from the recent royal wedding of last year where there was an overflow of wedding hats and head pieces.

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