NJ Wedding Trend: Fun Cake Toppers!


Long gone are the days of the traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper! NJ Brides are bringing a fresh new perspective to this wedding tradition with funky and unique cake toppers! Cake toppers are a great way to personalize your NJ wedding cake and can add sparkle to even the most basic cake designs.

NJ Wedding Cakes

And while your delicious wedding cake will quickly disappear, cake toppers are the perfect keepsakes to hold onto long after your wedding day!

NJ Wedding Cake Toppers NJ Wedding Cake Toppers

From themed weddings to customized monograms, there are cake toppers to fit every wedding type!



NJ Wedding Cake ToppersNJ Wedding Cake Toppers


Every great cake topper needs a fabulous wedding cake to be displayed on! Check out a Rock The Aisle Bridal Show to find local NJ wedding cake bakers and see what they have to offer for your special day! Our shows will connect you with the best NJ wedding cake bakeries!


NJ Wedding Cakes


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