Every NJ bride wants her wedding day photography to capture every little detail that has gone into making her special day perfect. Brides in the NJ area want pictures of their flowers, dress, jewelry…and their shoes! While the wedding shoes commonly remain unseen underneath a bride’s long gown, NJ brides have been getting creative with incorporating their footwear into their special day.







Brides are using their shoes to create new traditions as well as complete old traditions in their NJ weddings. To many, the age old tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ is still very important to include in their NJ wedding day. Brides are using their shoes to create their ‘Something Blue’.  Many brides’ wedding day colors do not include blue so finding a way to use the color in their ensemble can be tricky since the color stands out among all the white. Using blue shoes for this element is a fabulous way to complete the tradition even though they are hidden underneath the dress. Ask your NJ wedding photographer to capture your something blue in a photograph!









There are many new NJ wedding trends popping up that are fantastic to use your wedding shoes for too! Have your shoes send a message! There are creative stickers you can get to place on the bottom of your shoes to remember the day by. These are a fabulous way to create a memory you will remember every time you go to wear those same shoes again! You can even get them for your groom too!









Use your NJ wedding day shoes to get creative with your wedding party photography too! Shoes can be used to showcase your personality in a fun way and make your wedding party photos break away from the traditional.








Remember to discuss these types of unique photographs with your NJ wedding photographer before your wedding day to ensure you get all these special moments captured. To talk to the best NJ photographers about your wedding photography ideas attend a Rock The Aisle Bridal show this season!