NJ Wedding Photography Trend: 6 Fabulously Fun Bridal Party Poses

Your wedding day is a celebration and should be filled with fun, entertaining moments and so should your NJ wedding photography! Break away from the traditional wedding party photos and do something unique and original with your NJ wedding photography. Check out these six fabulously fun poses to incorporate into your special day!



1. The Innocent Flower Girl – Pose for this photo on the morning of your NJ wedding while you’re primping and sipping celebratory champagne with your bridesmaids! This is a playful, fun shot that incorporates your flower girl in an adorable way!  It will also make a fantastic gift to frame and give to the flower girl when she’s older!

















2. Tug-O-War – It’s the battle of the bridesmaids and groomsmen! This photograph is a great way to showcase your personality and have some fun with your NJ wedding photography. Break-up the classic wedding party poses after the ceremony with fun action shots! These types of photos also make for great thank you cards!


3. Mirror Mirror – This is a gorgeous shot and an absolute must to take with your bridesmaids right before the ceremony starts. Prepping the morning of your NJ wedding is a special time to bond with the important people you’ve chosen to take part in your special day. Take this photo to remember the moment and look back on how gorgeous you and your bridesmaids looked!


4. The Last One Standing – This photo is an absolute must for the bride to take with the groomsmen on her NJ wedding day! The bride normally doesn’t get many opportunities to interact with the groomsmen during her wedding day so taking a moment to recognize the relationship with the men makes for a fantastic memory! The men will love this photograph and be happy for a break at the bar!


5. Dress The Bride – Be sure to capture this moment during your morning of primping! Your bridesmaids have been helping you plan your wedding for months and they’ve stuck by you through everything. This is a fabulous photo to look back on and appreciate all they have done to help you and get you to this moment!

6. Look Away – This is a hysterically funny shot to take with your bridal party. Poke fun at all the love and affection you will be displaying all day with your groom! This is a fantastic way to showcase all the personalities in your bridal party and it gives you a memory to look back on and laugh!

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