NJ Bridal Shows: Long vs. Short

Whoever tells you that the bride’s gown is the only one that matters, has never been more wrong! The day of the bridezilla putting her friends in ugly dresses to make herself look better is over, people! The women you choose to be your bridesmaids should be those who you trust and love the most, so why not have them look their hottest? A common debate among brides and bridesmaids is whether or not to go with a short or a long dress.

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Short Dresses:

Short dresses can be preferred because of their easy wear in both the summer and the winter, however the season of your wedding should definitely be considered. Also, depending on where you might get your bridesmaid’s dresses, short dresses could be cheaper which might be a concern for your girls. Short dresses are great for a beach wedding, and tend to make the event look a tad more casual than if you went with long dresses. The downfall to short dresses for some women could be that all of them don’t necessarily flaunt one’s curves in the best way.

Long Dresses:

Long dresses are a romantic and classic choice for your big day. Although they look great in the summer and winter, depending on the time and month of your event they could be a little warm for your girls to be wearing in the middle of the summer on the beach. As stated before, longer dresses tend to be more expensive because of the increased amount of fabric. Longer dresses can be more concealing, if your bridesmaids are concerned about how their body will look in their dresses. But on the other side of things, longer dresses could drown out an extremely thin bridesmaid.


The key to finding the best bridesmaids dresses is communication between the bride and her girls. If there is a serious battle amongst the two it is important that there is compromise. A stunning look that many brides go with this season, is actually mixing between short and long dresses for her bridesmaids.

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