NJ Bridal Shows: How to Handle the “To-Do” before you say “I Do”

NJ bridal shows 2013

When it comes to wedding planning there are many decisions that have to be made. These decisions can kick anybody’s stress level up a few notches. Luckily, these tips can change your wedding experience from daunting to dynamic!


1. Have a game plan.

There are several meticulous details to decide from starting with the DJ and all the way to the seating chart. It may feel impossible to keep track of everything. Staying organized with a set “To-Do” list will make things easier and, will hopefully, keep everybody on track.


2. Don’t be afraid to Delegate!

There are only so many hours in the day to complete all of your pre-marital tasks along with your daily schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Have your bridal party come over to help with the center pieces, or have them scope the best restaurants for the rehearsal dinner. It will give you a chance to bond with your bridesmaids and create some fun memories along the way!


3. Be the Early bird.

By planning ahead, a lot of last minute drama can be avoided on the big day. Even if it is the little things like choosing invitations, hair and make-up trials, or some of the bigger tasks like choosing your dress. This will provide a safety net in case anything does have to be changed later on.


4. Don’t lose focus on what’s important.

There is no doubt you’re going to be extremely busy during this period, but don’t forget about your life outside of being a bride-to-be. If you and your groom have scheduled a date night, stick to it. Promised to help clean out your friend’s basement? Do it!  This will keep everybody happy, and give you a break from seating charts and color schemes.


5.  Communicate. 

Don’t like the way your hair trial came out? Feeling overwhelmed?  Then say so! This is supposed to be your big day. By communicating what you want or don’t want will make things easier in the long run. Just be sure that what you are trying to say is helpful and honest.


6. Be Flexible. 

Even if you want to get hitched without a hitch, some things probably are not going to follow the schedule on the big day.  Instead of getting all flustered if the flowers don’t arrive on time, focus on the positive. Stay upbeat and roll with the punches, it will make the day less stressful for everybody. Also, be sure to have a back up plan in case of any bridal emergencies.


7. Celebrate! 

You are getting married! Take the time to celebrate with your friends and family. This is supposed to be a special day, so make sure to have fun with it!


Still not sure where to start with planning your big day? Sign up for one of our NJ Bridal Shows to meet wedding planning professionals that will help make your special day unforgettable!