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We know you’ll have many questions while attending a New Jersey Bridal Show. One popular question we receive and that you may have is “Are destination wedding outrageously expensive?” We have the answer for you!

Here’s the deal: You could spend $10,000 on a wedding at home with a relatively small guest list, or you could spend $5,000 on an amazing trip to Greece, complete with a ceremony for two and a fantastic honeymoon cruise!  You also could have a tiny and inexpensive wedding at home, or choose a huge London ballroom and have the works. It all depends on how you choose to spend your money.

So it’s hard to generalize and say that overseas weddings are always more expensive than homegrown ones. Remember, too, that choosing to elope or to bring just a few close friends and family members with you is going to be less of a hassle than inviting 30 people from the States to stay in an Italian castle for your wedding.

If you’re considering a wedding far away, pinpoint exactly what you’d like to do and where, then try to draw up a realistic budget. That’s the best way to find out whether a destination wedding is right for you!

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