How to Get Wedding-Worthy Nails Before Your Big Day

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Of course, every bride to be wants to have the perfect wedding day with the best gown, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup. But some brides overlook the importance of the perfect bridal manicure! A bride’s hands are constantly in the spotlight throughout the big day so it is essential that you get those nails done before you pose for photos, throw your bouquet and of course receive that ring!


To ease the search for the best bridal manicures, here are our top 3 faves!

1. Ombre Manicure: Ombre nails are one of the hottest new trends right now! Depending on your look you can choose the ombre to make the ombre more or less dramatic. If your wedding attire is more romantic, you can go with a simpler ombre using light pinks and milky whites. If you’re on the daring side, your nails are the perfect place to put a pop of color! Pair whatever your favorite color might be with a white or tan to get an unforgettable wedding day look!


2. Pearl Manicure: If you’re commonly seen donning a string of pearls around your neck, why not try putting some on your nails! Whether your nails are covered in them or only have a few for an elegant detail, pearls can be a fabulous addition to your manicure! Of course, we aren’t talking about the same pearls that you wear around your neck. Go to your nail-stylist and ask about pearl nail art to see if they carry them or can order them so that your nails can look their finest come your big day!


3. The Classic French Manicure: When all else fails, French! The French manicure has been said to originate in 18th-century Paris to resemble the natural nail, and have been making brides look fabulous ever since! If you’re worried about matching your nails to your makeup or your dress, the French Manicure is the best way to go. This nail style matches every type of look since it is so elegant, simple, and chic. If you’re looking to make it a little unique, ask your nail-stylist to add a few jewels or a flower on your ring fingers.


The most important thing about your wedding-day manicure is to find a stylist who listens to exactly what you want, and who you feel confidently in! Sign up now for one of our NJ Bridal shows to find your perfect spa day or manicurist!