How South Jersey Bridal Shows Can Help With Bachelorette Party Ideas

Over the X-rated bachelorette bash ideas? Your bachelorette party is the last big hoorah as a single women before you seal the deal. This is a night to enjoy with your closest friends (the bridal party,) and is all about a good time together with the girls! Rock The Aisle Bridal has offered 11 bachelorette party ideas without a single G-string !


1. Marriage is a gamble-Lets face it, marriage is a gamble. So why not hold your bachelorette party at a casino or racetrack? Sit down for a nice dinner and gamble a little before the big day! Free drinks, a chance at winning thousands, a girls night out?! That sounds amazing enough.

2.Pamper yourself– Suggest to your bridal party, a weekend spa getaway or even a day getaway. Any day at the spa to relax and gossip could do the job! Getting your nails and feet pampered or even a facial can be especially relaxing before the big day. Instead of having that hangover feeling when waking up the day after this party, why not wake up relaxed and pampered with some friends?

3.Disco Inferno– If you love to dance, get your butts to the dance floor and boogie on down! Dress up put your dancing shoes on and hit up a disco club in the city! This is a perfect way to have a little fun before the big day with the people that have been there for you for this big day. This is a way to dance the stress away and forget about the jitters!

4. Fondue Fun- Fondue parties can be great, messy, and fun. Communal pots of melted cheese and chocolate seem to encourage giggles and gossip. This is a great way to bond while munching on some delicious treats !

5.It’s in the Stars (and the cards)- Hire a tarot card reader and an astrologer to do everyones chart. This is a great way to read the perfect future of the newlyweds to be !

6.Coffee, Tea, or Teal!- If the bride to be is a paragon of  lady-like behavior she may appreciate a Victorian-style tea party, complete with lace dollies, finger sandwiches, petit fours, and scones. This can easily be hosted in anyones home.

7. Scavenger Hunt- Just because you are adults doesn’t mean you have to act the part! Have a little fun while planning a wild scavenger hunt with the belongings having to do with the life of the bride before and after marriage !

8. Send in the Clowns- If you love to laugh and want to show the bride a funny time before the big day, bring her to a comedy club! This is a great place to let loose and laugh with the bridal party!

9. Where the Wild Things Are- If your bride loves nature, a back-to-nature bachelorette party would be a great idea! Call your state board of tourism to ask about campsites, or even hiking trails!

10.Its Not a Drag- Sometimes a drag show provides just the right kick in the pants. Proceed with caution!

11. Cerveza, Por Favor- This is a great way to forget about all the stress and kick back and enjoy a beer-filled weekend trip with the girls! Call your nearest travel agent and plan a weekend trip to Mexico ! Sit back at the tiki bars and maybe even order a tequila shot !

Does one of these great ideas pop out to you!?! If so come visit a fall 2012 Rock The Aisle Bridal show near your South Jersey home! You can meet vendors like travels agencies, spas, party planners, and chefs who could all help to create a fun and not so X-rated time!